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Business Analyze 5.6.3

Released: April 2018
Size: Aprox 102 MB


Release note

Installation guide


Please note: Windows 2016 has a date issue in norwegian, request for hotfix




Analyze PRO 5.3.1 with SP2

Released: April 2016
Size: Aprox 189 MB

Read the release note
Installation guide



Data Connector

Requires Business Analyze 5.6.2

Download the Data Connector.


Checklist | How to install

UDEF fields with SuperOffice 8.2 (Conceptualtable)


How to install


Content Packages

SuperOffice Analyze 8.0 for On-Premise & Online

Released: January 2017
For SuperOffice Sales & Marketing and Customer Service 8.0+7.5 On-Premise
Requires Business Analyze 5.6.1
Read the release note  |  How to install


SuperOffice Analyze 7.5 & My SuperOffice Dashboard

Released: January 2015
For SuperOffice Sales & Marketing and Customer Service 7.5
Requires Analyze PRO  5.2
Read the release note  |  How to install

SuperOffice Analyze 7.0 / 7.1

Released: January 2015
For SuperOffice Sales & Marketing and Customer Service 7.0/7.1
Requires Analyze PRO  5.2
Read the release note  |  How to install


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Hvor ligger programfilene for versjon 8?

Mvh Terje

Frode's picture
Programfiles for version 8 of SuperOffice Analyze 8.

Hi Terje!

I answer in english since all users have access to theese comments.

SuperOffice Analyze 8 is automatically accessible from:
System Administration -> Import -> Package

If you have upgraded or installed the Analyze PRO 5.3.1 platform and have an active license for SuperOffice Analyze.


Best regards


program files