=solocale(); function


The =solocale(); Scripting Engine function is a function that takes a SuperOffice multilanguage string as input and evaluates the string section for your language and returns it to the user.

The SuperOffice multilanguage string has this format:

[Lang1]:"String for this language";[Lang2]:"String for that language"

For example:
NO:"Dette er en norsk streng";US:"This is an english string"

How it works

1) It looks for the country code in External system reference field nr. 6 (which is populated by the automatic user sync) of the user. If found, it will attempt to use it.

2) Otherwise it will try to use the solocale system variable. If found, it will attempt to use it.

3) Otherwise it will try to find the first string and output it.

4) Finally, if the string doesn't comply to the format, it will simply output the whole string.




The =solocale(); function has simple input.


When used as a column expression, just refrence the column name as input:



Refer the Scripting Engine article for other functions