=image(); function


The =image(); Scripting Engine function creates a HTML image tag based on input properties. The image tag can be created with or without a wrapping anchor tag (hyperlink)





The image function has complex input

Property Datatype Default value Description
url String businessanalyze_small.gif

URL address of the image to be rendered

If only filename is provided (no slash in url) the path is set to [BA InstallDir]/Common/Images/[fileName]

link String ""

URL of the location you want to reference with your link

If left as empty string or not set, no link will be created

target String ""

This property is the target window property. Which window you will open the link in.

Empty string (default) or "_self" targets current window

Other options according to the HTML anchor specifications: _blank, [windowName] etc

vars Array []

This is a JSON string representation of an array of input variables which can be referenced by other properties in this function.

This is a zerobased index array



=img( );
=img("url":"{2}","link":"{0}://businessanalyze.{1}","target":"_blank", "vars":["http","no","more.gif"]);