Multiple installation in one server

There is not direct support from the Windows installer to establish multiple instances of Business Analyze.

But here we will define a method of how this can be done manually.


Start running a Windows installation for the first customer / dummy installation.

Do not import licences during the last screen of the installation.

After the installation is finished you will have:

  1. Application installed (default: C:\Program Files (x86)\Business Analyze\vdir)
    1. Files and virtual directory pointing at this path
    2. Application pool created for this virtual directory/application in IIS
  2. Database without licences 
  3. Database_cache (If you are not going to use data cache then you can point the database_cache to the Business Analyze database above)


File System

Create a new directory structure where you want the other instances. Example:

  • D:\BusinessAnalyze\Instance1
  • D:\BusinessAnalyze\Instance2
  • ...

Copy files from the source installation to each of thoose instances (previously installed Business Analyze application directory)


  • Verify that  the security rights for the new BA directory and sub folders are equal to the original folders
  • Alter references in the web.config file
    • References to BA location on server + all paths pointing to old directory
    • References to IIS virtual directory
    • References in the connection strings (DB, User, Password)


Internet Information Server

  • Create a new virtual directory (as application in IIS) for each directory instances with the name you used in the web.config file
    If you want most security/isolated solution we recommend to create a new application pool for each of the installation
  • Verify that settings for application pool, authentication and the other settings in IIS are correct



  • Copy the first database to new databases
    • BusinessAnalyzeInstance 1
    • BusinessAnalyzePRO Instance 2
    • ...
  • Create a login with owner access for each of the databases.
  • Update the web.config with the correct connectionstring.


Start a web-browser and login in to each of the instance.

You will be ask for licence key before you can log in to the solution.

Upload the correct licence key for each instance. Not allowed to use same licence for every instance (this is logged in the licence system).

Follow the standard procedure for installation of packages etc.