Guru Tools


Guru Tools is a set of programming extentions for dashboard professionals. It contains features that are currently not yet available in the platform white paper.

Every new platform release will contain an updated version of the toolkit but Guru Tools will be maintained aside platform releases as well.
New features will be implemented in this toolkit at nice-to-have basis.

Features that are currenlty part of the toolkit will most certainly be part of the standard features in a future platform release.
Think of the toolkit as a way of testing out cutting edge features long before it becomes standard in everyones AnalyzePRO dashboard solution.

Our motivation of developing some of the new features through this toolkit is that we in this way can solve neat feature requests fast and at the same time gather experience on how to make the standard approach best possible.
An other great side-effect of developing features in the Guru Tools toolkit is that we might find and acknowledge missing bits and pieces in our clientside API.


AnalyzePRO is a quite client-intensive application which utilizes open web standards as a fundament for new features.
In other words, the client side is HTML, CSS and JavaScript based which in turn makes the platform great for advanced customizing.
This toolkit have been brought to life to support advanced consultants and web developers.

Guru Tools anatomy

The toolkit is namespace based. The root-namespace is named $.guruTools.
Next in line in our namespacing structure is the feature or module name (eg. parameter).

Each feature contains basically two public methods that is used to set-up and initialize the feature this way:

var config = $.guruTools.[feature].getConfig([required input]);
config.[setting1] = [someValue1];
config.[setting2] = [someValue2];
config.[settingN] = [someValueN];


Placed inside a dashboard text element the above code should be wrapped inside script-tags and HTML elements used to visualize the feature should be added below this script (take a look at the features below).

Current version

In the current version we supply the following GUI-goodies:

  • $.guruTools utility methods
    Different utiltiy methods used by or an addition to the functions below.
  • $.guruTools.grouping
    Autogenerated buttons on the dashboard controlling single element grouping
    Change the element grouping simply by clicking a button named by the desired grouping dimmension
  • $.guruTools.parameter
    Autogenerated buttons on the dashboard controlling parameter settings on all dashboard elements
    Change selected value on crucial parameters simply by clicking a button named by the desired parameter value
  • $.guruTools.folderTree - Requires 4.2.1
    Generates a file browser tree of a file-area on the web server.
    Can be used to publish documents to users of a dashboard
  • $.guruTools.accumulation
    Lets you do a row-accumulate operation on visible data in table view
  • $.guruTools.rowMath
    Lets you do clientside mathematics on row values
    Can also be used to strip away repeating texts
  • $.guruTools.numericDisplay
    Creates a HTML/CSS based numeric display of a value from a table visualization
  • $.guruTools.wordCloud - Requires 5.0
    Creates a vector based wordcloud from a dataelement
  • $ - Requires 5.0
    Creates a programmable audioplayer on your dashboard
  • $ - Requires 5.0
    Creates a eventlistener that can trigger a action on your dashboard (eg. play a sound with the $ function)
  • $.guruTools.marquee - Requires 5.0
    Creates a vertical or horizontal ticker. The ticker content can be a dataelement or a RSS feed
  • $.guruTools.tablescroll - Requires 5.0
    Creates a tbody scrollable table. This means a table with fixed header and footer. Autoscrolling is optional
  • $.guruTools.counter - Requires 5.0
    Creates a numeric or datebased counter. Can count from one value to an other, count down to a date or simply display the current date and/or time
  • $.guruTools.pgIndicator - Requires 5.0
    Creates a progressindicator visualization based on CSS or images


The latest changes in $.guruTools are applied in every platform release.
Every feature is marked with two version numbers: "Introduced in" and "Minimum version".
If your current plaform version matches or is a later version, the feature is available right away.
If your current plaform version is earlier than "Introduced in" but matches or after "Minimum version" for the feature, the latest update to $.guruTools can be downloaded through the links below:

$.guruTools for AnalyzePRO v4.2

$.guruTools for AnalyzePRO v5.0

Unzip this download in the APRO root folder (VDIR)
It will put files in both Common/Scripts and Custom/guruTools folder


Feature docs

Below you will find the currently available features and a short guide on how to implement them