Show a Parameter directly in a dashboard?

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Markus Tanner
Show a Parameter directly in a dashboard?

Hi, can i place/show a parameter directly in a dashboard? 

The reason is, that i created a dashboard for a specific project and i want to give the user the parameter direclty on the dashboard, so he first sees, which project he has chosen and he does not to have to open the parameter list?

To show a list of all parameters (projects) and have a drilldown would also be a solution, but the search on parameterslist would be just perfect.

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This is a task for Guru Tools

Hi Markus,

We get similar requests from time to time. We do not have a standard way of doing things like that at the moment but the platform is highly extendable.

I published a short guide on some scripts we have called "Guru Tools" last week:

This is a toolkit where we will ship customizable features for more advanced developers.

Take a look at the section describing parameter buttons.
If this feature is not good enough, please provide some specifications and I will try to make you a customization of the toolkit to solve your request.

ATTN: If you want to place project buttons on the dashboard it might be a good idea to use the optionsFilter parameter to limit the buttons rendered (since the project parameter can be quite large)


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