Drilldown with Master - Detail View

A master - detail view (also referred as order head - order line view) can be recognized by the following criterias:

  • Both the parent element and child element already exist on the dashboard
  • Drilldown is really just filtering on the child element based on a value clicked on the parent element.

One scenario could be a order interface:
Each order has a OrderID and some details on that order. The order contains one or more products which we name Order Lines.

Lets get down to business

Doing a master-detail drilldown where both visualizations use the same datatable (or the datatables involved has matching column names) we allways recomend using automatic column filterings (se description in Editor interactions).

Rightclick the column you want to drilldown from at the parent level and select "Edit Drilldown"

Now the editor swiches from the Start-tab to the Structure Map-tab and opens the drilldown definition section to the right.
The column you selected in the designspace is already selected, so you are already 1/4 done creating the drilldown.

Next you need to find out WHERE you want the drildown level to appear
Since the drilldown level already exist on your dashboard, just select the child element container (order line)

Now we have select where we want to show the result. Next we need to set which element we want to se when we drill down.
In this interface there is two radio buttons: "Create a new element based on (...)" or "Use an existing element (...)"
Since the container selected above already contains my drilldown level (existing element), leave the radio button for existing element on and select the drilldown element (order line)

Given the above assumption that the datatable in both parent and child element are the same or that they have matching column names, choosing automatic column filtering is always the best approach to create a robust drilldown defintion.
Leave all other options to default values (no parameter matches and no static column filters).
Select Automatic filtering

-You are done.
Click save at the top of the dialog and switch back to designspace (Start tab) to test your drilldown.