How to show and manipulate the Diary main panel in SuperOffice from Analyze Pro

Use the Owl-link to activate and manipulate the SuperOffice Diary dialogue from a report in Business Analyze.

It’s possible to activate all the main panel tabs (Day, Week, Month, View) in the Diary dialogue in SuperOffice.

The commands are as follows:<associate_id>&day_date=<>





“.activate” is optional and will put SuperOffice in front if used.


Usually we use the scripting engine function =solink(); for the owl-link to activate Contact, Sale and Appointment dialogues in SuperOffice, but =solink(); does not work with parameters used in the Diary commands.

We have to implement the SuperOffice command manually in the Expression definition for the appropriate field in the data central table definition (The LinkDiary field in the example below).

Owl-Link Expression definition:

<a href='superoffice:[LinkType].activate?diaryowner_id=[associate_id]&[DateParam]=[Date]'><img src='=env(fw_vroot);/Common/Images/ugle.gif' border='0'/></a>


In this expression I have included the data table fields [LinkType], [associate_id], [DateParam] and [Date] for dynamic expression building purpose. I have also used the scripting engine function =env(fw_vroot); in the file path to the owl icon to get the top level path to Business Analyze installation on the server from the web.config file. The [associate_id] field is of type integer, all other fields used are strings.

NB! Field names are case sensitive!

The [associate_id] table field aggregation type must be set to “maximum”


To activate the week tab in the Diary as shown in the first example, use this field values:

[LinkType]          = ‘diary.week’

[associate_id]   = a valid associate id in SuperOffice

[DateParam]     = ‘week_date’

[Date]                  = ‘2012.11.09’ (Can be any date in the week)


In the dashboard editing mode you have to set the formatting of the owl-link field (Diary in the example) to “None”.

Example of implementation in Business Analyze:


This will only work on Business Analyze version 4.2 and above. For earlier versions, the =env(fw_vroot); in the expression must be replaced with the actual value from the web.config.file.

Enjoy :-)