Database – Microsoft SQL Server


SQL Server requirements

What is the version of your SQL server?

The Analyze PRO database requires Microsoft SQL Server 2005 or newer

Connect to the database server with SQL Server management studio and execute the command below:


Authentication mode

The Microsoft SQL Server 2005 instance you install onto must be running in Mixed mode, Windows and SQL Server authentication mode. Otherwise it  will not run.


Important to know

Before running the Business Analyze installation make sure you have the username and password of the System Administrator user (SA user), or a user with similar administrative rights on your Microsoft SQL Server instance.

You will be asked to provide credentials during the installation.

This is required because setup will create several new objects on the database server during the installation:

1) The internal database used by the application.

2) A cache database used by the analyze module when running queries.

3) A login that is used by the web server to communicate with these databases.


Is your server up to date?

It is always a good idea to update your database software with the latest available patches or service packs.

They can be downloaded from Microsoft at