Error Message in SuperOffice Analyze

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Error Message in SuperOffice Analyze

When i start a superoffice analyze dashboard - i just get error messages.   If I then go to datatables and try to validate an sql i get the following setting.    Incorrect syntax near ','. Could not find stored procedure '#56c86a06-c2db-4112-ae93-53e1d6b8017d'.           Is it any pointer in the database ??.  We had some problem with superoffice and had to reinstall it.  After that Superoffice analyzis doesn't work.  We have made a lot of dashboard from visma global and this is working just fine.

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Please check your SOA user's external reference fields

The SOA dashboards utilizes some settings on you SOA user's external references fields:
System Administration -> Organization -> Users

Reference field 1-3 are used by the SOA dashboards. Verify these fields against the SuperOffice Analyze System dashboard:

Reply back to us if the External References are correct and you still get these errors.

Anders Retterås


Error message from SOA

It solved my problem.  ty

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