dProduct (new 2014-02-26)

This is the data table used to extract info from the Product, Quote and Sale table. It  contains all the important data for a sale with quotes and products.Some of the column comments are from the SuperOffice database SDK documentation. This is what it looks like when shipped from us:

Based on (table.column) Type Column alias Localised english name Comment
Product.ERPProductKey P ERPProductKey ERPProductKey Reference/foreign key to the product in the given pricelist in the product supplier system, if it exists there.
Product.Name P Name Product The name to use in the user interface.
Product.Name2 P Name2 Product2 Used to create pivoted visualizations
Product.Description P ProductId Description Product description
Product.Code P Code Product code The product code / article number in the product supplier system.
QuoteLine.ContactId P ContactId ContactId Id of the customer as found in the CONTACT table.
QuoteLine.Contact P Contact Company Name of the customer as found in the CONTACT table.
QuoteLine.Category P Category Category Category of the customer.
QuoteLine.Business P Business Business Business of the customer.
QuoteLine.AssociateId P AssociateId AssociateId Associate id of the sales person.
Sales person P Sales person Sales person Name of the sales person.
QuoteLine.Group P Group Group Name of the primary group of the sales person.
QuoteLine.sale_id P Nr of sales No. of sales The saleid identifying the sale this quote is connected to. May be used to count the sales involved (count dictinct on this column).
QuoteLine.Status P Status Status(id) The status of the case:
1 = Open, 2 = Sold, 3 = Lost and 4 = Stalled
QuoteLine.Status(Text) E Status(Text) Status The status of the case:
Can be Open, Sold, Lost or Stalled.
QuoteLine.Done(Text) E Done(Text) Done Wether the case is marked as Completed or not.
Product.UnitCost P UnitCost Unit cost The cost price. Might not be given, use Decimal.MinValue to signal this.
Product.UnitMinimumPrice p UnitMinimumPrice Minimum price The minimum price this salesman can offer to his customer. This might be cost price if there is no policy. Might not be given, use Decimal.MinValue to signal this.
Product.UnitListPrice P UnitListPrice Unit list price (Basic Price, normal price, standard price.) This is the basic price from which the discount is computed from. The ListPrice will stay the same even when a larger amount is ordered.
QuoteLine.LeadTime(days) p LeadTime(days) Lead time (days) Number of days this quote line has been in the system. (SALEDATE - REGISTERED DATE)
QuoteLine.Quantity p Quantity Quantity Quantity
QuoteLine.DiscountAmount p DiscountAmount Discount Actual discount amount
QuoteLine.EarningAmount p EarningAmount Profit Actual earning amount
QuoteLine.TotalPrice P TotalPrice Total price Total price
QuoteLine.EarningPercent P EarningPercent Profit (%) Profit margin in percent
ProductCategory.ProductCategory P ProductCategory Product category Category of product
ProductFamily.ProductFamiliy p ProductFamiliy Product family Family of product
ProductType.ProductType P ProductType Product type Type of product
Supplier.Name P Supplier Supplier Name of the supplier
Product.SupplierCode P SupplierCode Supplier code

Suppliers part code/number or other key-like field.

Product.URL P URL URL URL to a page with more info on the product
Product.ProductCategoryId P ProductCategoryId ProductCategoryId Id of product category
Product.ProductFamiliyId P ProductFamiliyId ProductFamiliyId Id of product family
Product.ProductTypeId P ProductTypeId ProductTypeId Id of product type
QuoteLine.Sale date P Sale date Sale date Sale date
QuoteLine.Sale date2 P Sale date2 Sale date2 Used to create pivoted visualizations like This year vs. last year..
Product.Registered P Registered Registered Registered date
Product.Registered2 P Registered2 Registered2 Used to create pivoted visualizations like This year vs. last year..
Product.Updated P Updated Updated  
Product.Updated2 P Updated2 Updated2 Used to create pivoted visualizations like This year vs. last year..