dQuoteLine (new 2014-02-26)

This is the data table used to extract details for a quote. A quote may consist of one or many rows(products). It contains all the important details from the Quoteline table. This is what it looks like when shipped from us:

Based on (table.column) Type Column alias Localised english name Comment
quote.saleId P SaleId SaleId Used for finding the number of sales involved - count(distinct sale_id)
quote.quoteId P QuoteId QuoteId Primary key for the table
Total P Total Total Used for simple grouping
quoteline.name P Product Product Name of product
quoteline.ERPProductKey P Product code Product code Product code


currency.rate, currency.units

E Minimum price Minimum price Minimum price
quoteline.description P Description Description Description


currency.rate, currency.units

E Discount Discount Discount
quoteline.discountPercent P Discount(%) Discount(%) Discount(%)


currency.rate, currency.units

E Earning Earning Earning
quoteline.earningPercent P Earning(%) Earning(%) Earning(%)


currency.rate, currency.units

E Unit cost Unit cost Unit cost
quoteline.Quantity P Quantity Quantity Quantity
quoteline.QuanityUnit P Quanity unit Quanity unit Quanity unit
quoteline.Supplier P Supplier Supplier Supplier


currency.rate, currency.units

E Total price Total price Total price


currency.rate, currency.units

quoteVersion.Number P Number Number Number (quote version)
quoteVersion.Rank P Rank Rank Rank (quote version)
quoteVersion.State P State State Sent state (quote version)
quoteVersion.Sent date P Sent date Sent date Sent date (quote version)
quoteline.URL P URL URL Product URL