Data providers in datacentral

Business Analyze have a plugin architecture for access to a custom data source.

This is a provider which use either a native client or a webservice and inserts the cache database (SQL-server) before it is shown to the end-user.

Two modes when using cache providers:

  • Cache shared by all users
  • Real-time cache isolated for each user


Cache shared by all users

This is the most common usage of provider. Data is unfiltered and should be schedule for updating cache database.


Real-time cache isolated for each user

When running this mode the data is collected from the source system when the user request the data in a dashboard.

Data is collected and inserted in a private datatable for the running user at real-time.

If you have a quite large dataset we do not recommend to use this options since it need to push all data into the cache-database before showing it to the end-user.

This can take time. But for small dataset this is a option which always will give you real-time data. It is not possible to enable scheduling of real-time cache :-)


We have the following cache providers:

  • Oracle cache provider
  • mySQL cache provider
  • OLEDB cache provider
  • ODBC cache provider
  • And a lot more


How to setup the different cache providers?

See the child pages: