Optimize the currency settings

It's recommended that you:

  1. Disable any currencies that you won’t be using
  2. Set the preferred order in which you want them to appear
  3. Verify that the rate and unit settings are correct for the active currencies


Setting the order and activating / deactivating the currencies

Start the SuperOffice admin client and press the Lists button and double currencies. It should look something like the screen shot below. Make the adjustments necessary and press the Save button.

Note: Please verify the rates of the currencies that are active are close to the actual rate of the currency.

Double-click each active currency to verify that the currencies have sensible values for Rate and Unit.

Use the green up and down arrows to set the preferred order.


Deactivate - quickfix

SQL Quick fix to deactivate rare currencies:


update crm5.currency

set deleted=1

where name not in ('NOK','SEK','DKK','USD','EUR','GBP')


PS! Never update the database directly if you are using Travel. Do this on your own risk.