Oracle cache provider

System requirements

Supported database: Oracle 10g/11g

To enable use of Oracle Cache Providers you need to add the .Net provider to the Analyze PRO installation.

Manual installation:
In an Analyze PRO distribution you have a folder called "Providers" which have all necessary files to use for the Oracle .Net provider.

Copy all files from the folder \Providers\Oracle to the Analyze PRO bin-folder.



If you are going to use the Data Sync solution you should also copy the Oracle-dlls to the folder of the data sync service:

Example: C:\Program Files (x86)\Business Analyze\Analyze PRO Data Sync

Setup in Data Central

The provider use the Oracle Data Provider for .NET / ODP.NET.


Select the Provider: "Oracle Cache Provider for 10g/11g.

Type in a name of the new datasource.

Data Source should consist of a SERVER/name of instance in oracle.

Add User Id and Password.