User-defined fields

SuperOffice Analyze supports a new user-defined fields configuration from the release of Analyze version 5.0.

A new menu element in system administration with name "SuperOffice UDEF" will be enabled when SuperOffice Analyze license is installed:


There is two modes:

Standard mode:

In standard mode you select which user-defined field you want to be able to use in your SuperOffice Analyze dashboards.

When enabled it will be available in all dashboards in the standard solution (no need for customization to use the new fields).

The list show area of where the UDEF could be enabled and the name of the datatable. 

Example: Sale - dSale (Sales information in the dataset dSales).


Check the fields you want to enable. PS! Only check thoose needed.


Above example enables 3 user-defined fields for sales.


Advanced mode:

In advanced mode you will also be able to set the following options:

Enable DC Parameter (new from Analyze PRO 5.2):

With this option you can enable parameter on a UDEF field. The system will then automatically generate parameter in DataCentral and connected it to the datatable. 
And it will be available in the dashboards at once you have saved the definition.


Enable MLS:
This option enable parsing of SuperOffice Multi Language Strings.

Null Value:
If this checkbox is enabled the input field will replace the null values for the column with the typed in value.


After you have enabled and clicked "Save" in the upper left corner you can utilise the new fields in a dashboard. 


Select the new field from the grouping dialog.

Example her:
Turnover last year.


And present the information in a chart like this: