Open a word document from BA

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Open a word document from BA

I want to open a word (excel, gif etc) from a table in BA.  I got a field with full path to the document in one column with value like:


where the ipadresse is a external ip-adresse.

I look at Scripting Engine but i only got errors.  Help

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Verify the link, create a html link (anchor-tag)

Thank you for contacting us.

First of all, the link needs to be verified in a browser window (but you have probably done so already?).

When you are certain that the link is correct and returns the desired document, the URL needs to be built into a HTML Anchor tag.

You can choose to create the link as text in the query or use Scripting Engine expressions:

The following examples uses "columnName" as placeholder for your column name containing the URL:

Link with icon:

Link with text "MyLink":
=eval("<a href='[columnName]' target='_blank'>MyLink</a>");

Try out these expressions in the Scripting Engine Expression Tester (System Administration -> Analysis Dashboard -> SE expression tester).
References to a column name needs to wrapped in square brackets [ ].


I hope that this post was helpful to you?




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