Color code and font type

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Markus Tanner
Color code and font type


how far and how can we change the colors in anaylze pro:

we actually use 4.2.5 together with superoffice analyze and want to change the following design:

font type: i guess this is possible in system setting correct?

colors for graphs: can we use any color code? rgb? and where can i set the color scheme? i saw there is a possibility per graph to set color scheme like 'automn, colorful +++' but can i create an own scheme?

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Changing color and font


You can change practically everything by modifying the layout files (CSS, XML etc). 


To change font type you have to edit the custom.css file that lies in the layout catalog. For SuperOffice Analyze this file is located here: Common\Layouts\SuperOfficeAnalyze\custom.css

If you add font types to the body rule, I think it will change the font type for the whole solution.
Let's say you want to use the Tahoma font type. Add it like this:

font-family: tahoma, verdana, Arial, sans-serif;

Before you make changes, I recommend you to create a backup of the SuperOffice Analyze layout catalog. The original catalog will be overwritten when pathcing the platform. I also recommend you to use the develper tools in Chrome or IE to find out the name of the CSS rule you must change (if the above code change doesn't change the text you wanted).


The easies way to change these colors is to apply a color code (by using the color picker) to the specific data columns in the DataCentral. Here you can set colors for all values that show up on the charts. I recommend you change the colors this way.

The hard way to change color is to edit the XML files in the layout, but that requires much more explaining and you probaly need a full restart of the web server each time you need to test the colors. Anyway, the files you need to change is located here: Layouts\SuperOfficeAnalyze\Nevron

- Stylesheet and stylesheet_3d is the config files for bar charts.
- StylesheetMulticolor and StylesheetMulticolor_3d is the config files for pais and funnels.

Remember that any changes you do will be overwritted when patching the solution and take a backup.


As you may know, we have released version 5.0 of our platform and new upgraded versions of SuperOffice Analyze content packages. In the new version it is a whole lot more easier to change fonts and colors on the dashboards. You have greater freedom in the dashboard editor and there is much eaiser to change chart colors for the whole solution (or create your own color schemes). Plus there is a ton of new features and fixes :) Check it out.


Sorry for the long post, but I think it was necessary to explain what you needed to know.

Hope you got any wiser.

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