New installation of SuperOffice Analyze

For an all-new installation of a customer, it is important to follow this procedure.
PS! there is no longer a separate installation for CS, it's included in the SuperOffice Analyze package.





Step 1: SuperLicense - 30 days trial license
Once the customer is registered in SuperLicense the customer has valid trial licenses for SuperOffice Analyze instantly!
A customer should be registered in SuperLicense before any installation should start. This should have be done the day before or no later than 3 hours before you start your installation. Then SuperLicense could have been syncroniced with the Business Analyze license system.

Step 2: Order form
To get permanent licenses you need to
1. Fill out an order form (a word document found in your SuperOffice client).
2. Send it to then we will activate the license which is synced from SuperLicense.

Step 3: License request
Licenses is automatically download first time you log in to the system if you have the correct license code. 



Step 1: Downloading the latest Analyze PRO platform
First of all you need to download the latest version which is available from Business Analyze Community:

Step 2: Follow the installation procedure for the Analyze PRO platform
First time installation you should start the setup from the Analyze PRO Splashscreen.

Step 3: Follow the installation procedure for SuperOffice Analyze package

Step 4: Follow the installation procedure for My Dashboard package

You are now ready to log in and do the the first-time configuration.

Step 5: Log in. See:

On first login the admin will be presented with a interface where he can input the SuperOffice serial number which is the key to import all SuperOffice Analyze licenses into your new installation.



To get the best out of your SuperOffice Analyze solution you need to configure it!

Step 1: First time configuration
You should at least do the following:

Step 2: Users & using the User Syncronization tool

NOTE!   To enable automatic user sync you need to install Data Sync service