Upgrading a customer (SUA)

You MUST follow these steps




Before upgrading you need to update the customers licenses, but this is only needed if the number of licenses has changed or other changes to the liceses.

Step 1: Order form
Send in a changed order form with the number of updated licenses.
(You'll find the document in your SuperOffice)


Step 2: SuperLicense
Do the changes in SuperLicense.
The changes are immediately available inside your SuperOffice Analyze import interface to be imported into the application


Step 1: Download the updated licenses

  1. Log in to the customers solution
  2. Go to: System Administration -> System -> Import
  3. Update each licence by clicking "Update licence".


Step 2: Upgrade the Analyze PRO plattform

Follow the instructions in the release notes when upgrading the Analyze PRO platform.
In the release notes for SuperOffice Analyze, you will always find a statement for which platform version that is required.

Windows Setup


File Patching (ONLY when stated in the Release Notes)


Step 3: Upgrade SuperOffice Analyze & My dashboard

Follow the instructions in the Release Notes when upgrading SuperOffice Analyze.


Verify & configure

If your customer has any customized dashboards or datatables then you need to update them with changes from the history tables.

See alternative 2 in this guideline which explains which elements you need to upgrade.