Upgrade Business Analyze

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Business Analyze 5.5 - Upgrade guideline

There are several path that could be followed for upgrading an existing Analyze PRO solution.

The safest way is to uninstall the product and reinstall the product by using the Windows Setup Installer. This is the recommended way of doing it.

Please read the release notes on the recommended upgrade way.


1) File upgrading

Locate the "Upgrade"-folder in the CDimage.

Copy all contents in this directory to your application directory.

Example: c:\Program Files(x86)\Business Analyze\vdir on your web server.


2) Database upgrading

Go to your installation path:

Example c:\Program Files(x86)\Business Analyze\vdir\bin\  and locate the file:


The application will read the configuration for the application automatically:


Click upgrade.  

Then you will be asked if you are sure you want to upgrade and the host and database will be displayed.


After all has been upgrade the dialog will look like this:


3) Configuration file upgrading (web.config)

Validate the file webconfig.txt on the root of the application.

Here is a summary of changes which should be applied to the web.config.

We recommend to to copy webconfig.txt and modify it and overwrite the web.config with this copy.

You should change this with values from your old web.config file.

  • [%ConnString%]
  • [%ConnStringDataMart%]
  • [%ConnStringApplication%]

These keys need to be present in the "appSettings" section:

    <!-- New from 4.11 -->
    <add key="default_layout" value="Standard" />
    <add key="fw_helpcentral" value="true" />

    <!-- New from 4.12 -->
    <add key="fw_singlesignon" value="false" /> <!-- Not new moved from top -->
    <add key="fw_formsfallback" value="true" />
    <add key="fw_externalauth" value="disabled" />
    <add key="fw_rootfolder" value="C:\Program Files (x86)\Business Analyze\vdir"/>

          <!-- New from 5.0.0 -->

          <add key="fw_internetaccess" value="true" />
          <add key="fw_registeruser" value="false"/>
          <add key="fw_registeruserlink" value="false"/>
         <!-- New from 5.3.0 -->
          <!-- ANALYSIS: Log level: 0=Disabled, 10=DashboardUsage, 50=Everything except SQL statement, 100=Everything -->
          <add key="an_loglevel" value="10"/>
          <add key="an_parallel" value="true"/>
          <add key="fw_externalauthlinkage" value="0"/>
       <!-- 5.5: Reset password settings-->
    <add key="fw_pwtokenlifespanhours" value="1"/>
    <add key="fw_pwtokenfromemail" value="noreply@customer.no"/> <!-- Please put a customer specific address here -->
And you should modify the mailsettings:
               <network host="[SMTPSERVER]" />
When upgrading to version 5.3.1 you also need to apply HTTPS support to Online Services endpoints.
Follow this guideline to apply HTTPS:
Then you should be able to log into the new upgrade application.

After this you should upgrade the Data Sync Service:

First of all uninstall the the data sync service:


And follow the procedure for installation of the latest version from the CDImage.








Hi All,

The documentation says to update the following values in the webconfig.txt from your existing web.config file.


However the section where these two values appear (see below) in the webconfig.txt file is not in my existing web.config file.

    <!-- New from 5.5.0 -->
    <add key="fw_storage" value="[%TARGETDIR%]Storage" />
    <add key="fw_vstorage" value="/[%VIRTUALDIR%]/Storage" />

I have just done a fresh install of Business Analyze, and for anyone with the same issue the settings added by the installer were as follows.

    <!-- New from 5.5.0 -->
    <add key="fw_storage" value="C:\Program Files (x86)\Business Analyze\vdir\\Storage" />
    <add key="fw_vstorage" value="/analyzepro/Storage" />

If you are not using the default install location or virtual directory you will have to adjust as required,  The double backslash after the vdir folder, is how it is web.config gets updated by a fresh install.

This folder may not be present in you virtual directory, but within minutes of myself logging in after performing the upgrade, the folder was automatically created, and had files creates within it.