Customizing packages

Analyze PRO has several ready-made packages like (SuperOffice Analyze, Gat analyse, RiskManager Analyse, Questback dashboards, etc..).

If you have a designer/developer users in your solution you can easily customize the solutions, but there are some things you need to be aware of when you in the next step upgrade a package in an existing solution with customized dashboards.

There are two path for doing customization:


Alternative 1: COPY

You make full copy of the packages content and do no changes in the standard dataset.

The draw backs with this is that you can't use the customization in the standard dashboards and you need to create dashboards from scratch.

But the fine thing is that with an upgrade - your customization is not changed.

If you want to do this approach you must copy:

  • Data table
  • Parameter
  • Procedures (SQL Server)
  • Functions (SQL Server)
  • DC Template visualisations
  • Dashboards

Regarding SuperOffice Analyze:
The SuperOffice UDEF module will not work with copied datatables.


Alternative 2: Change

You make changes to existing datatables and dashboards.

All changes in dashboard and data table is saved in a history table when we upgrade so you want loose any data, but you may need to setup them again.

When upgrading packages you need to be aware of the following:

Data table:

  • Customized SQL is removed and need to be added after an upgrade from the latest history data table.
  • Added calculated columns is removed and need to be added after an upgrade from the latest history data table.
  • Changes in caching or other changes on existing columns will be reset and need to be setup.


  • Any customization to a standard dashboard will be saved in a history table and the latest dashboard from package will be used.
  • You can pickup the old version of the dashboard but it may not run if you not have added missing columns in the datatable you use.



Alternative 3: Copy dashboard but use the standard datatables.

This approach is the way we recommand you to do it. 

There is much more work to do customization on a dashboard than on a central datatable.

Copy dashboard you want to do changes on and when you upgrade update datatable with your changes.

Important to log the changes you do for the customer!



How to find the history information:

Below each data table you find the history datatables: