dAppointmentNarrow (new 2014-05-09)

This is the data table used to extract info from the Appointment table. The narrow-version only has the bare essential columns included. This is done to improve speed of query execution and reduce overall load on the SQL server.  This is what it looks like when shipped from us:

Based on (table.column) Type Column alias Localised english name Comment
appointment.appointment_id P AppointmentId No. of Appointments May be used to show nr. of appointments when grouping is applied
associate.deleted, person.firstname, person.middleName, person.lastname E PersonName(FirstLast) Person name (FirstLast) Name of associate
usergroup.name E UserGroupName Created by Group Primary group of associate when the case was created
usergroup.name E UserGroupNameAsc Person's group Current primary group of the associate
contact.name E ContactName Company name Name of contact
associate.task_id, associate.name E actTypeText Activity type Returns the name of the activity from the task table for non-document types, and names from the doctmpl table from document types.
text.text E TextDesc Description The text from the Description field in the appointment dialog. If the length of the text exceeds 30 characters it will be truncated.
appointment.done E DoneText Done status Displays a localized string indicating wether the task is completed or not. In English its either "Planned" or "Completed".
appointment.activeDate P ActiveDate ActiveDate Active date - the date the activity is scheduled to happen
appointment.activeDate P ActiveDate2 ActiveDate2 Used to create pivoted visualizations like This year vs. last year..
appointment.done P Done Done Done date - the time stamp when the user pressed CTRL + T on the keyboard to mark the appointment as completed
appointment.done P Done2 Done2 Used to create pivoted visualizations like This year vs. last year..