Custom Plugins

Custom Plugins is a new feature of AnalyzePRO version 5.2.
Now you can include custom JavaScript and CSS files in Dashboards (Analysis), Desktops and in the Data Central.

Why custom plugins?

Customizing with scripting and styling inside the dashboards are great feature since the customizing is saved in the dashboard definition. When a dashboard is exported, the customizing follows the dashboard.

The problem with scripting inside dashboards are that the debugging becomes harder and the custom code needs to be copied from one dashboard to the next to reimplement the feature in an other dashboard.
With custom plugins you can create more standardized plugins which you can reference in your dashboards. This approach produces nicer and more easy-to-read syntax inside your dashboards

How to use?

To include custom plugins you simply drop the plugin-files in the appropriate custom folder on your server and restarts the application.

Include in where Folder name
All dashboards /[APPDIR]/Custom/Analysis
Only one dashboard /[APPDIR]/Custom/[DashboardGUID]
In the dashboard /[APPDIR]/Custom/Desktop
In the datacentral /[APPDIR]/Custom/DataCentral

ATTN: You need to restart your application to include new filepaths (restart when adding new files)
Only files with the extention *.css or *.js will be included.

Which plugins?

Currently there is three plugins available:


This plugin creates sliders of buttonnavigators or creates sliders to control column filters.

Example: Visualize a button/checkbox single select navigator as a slider:

Open the "Container Properties" dialog and set CSS class = "sliderNavigator".
Save and load your dashboard in runtime

Example: Visualize columnfilters as a slider:

1) Set one or two column filters on a column (numeric column)

2) Add a text-element on your dashboard

3) Add this HTML in your text-element:

(Reds are variables)


This plugin makes it easy to implement Inputmodule budget dialogs in your dashboards.

Example: Link in table which opens a Budget Dialog for the standard SUA sales/associate budget:

1) Create a visualization with grouping: "AssociateId" and "PersonName(FirstLast)" as grouped columns, No sales, amount, earning as sum aggregates

2) Add this Scripting Engine expression at the "PersonName(FirstLast)" column:


This plugin introduces new custom charts. Currently there is only the FanChart available but there will be more to come!

Example: Create a fanChart based on the two first columns in a visualization where col 1 is category and col2 is value:

1) Create a visualization with grouping "Persons Group" as grouped column and "Amount" as  sum aggregate

2) Edit Container Properties and set CSS Class "fanChart"


We are eager to implement your great idea as a new custom plugin!


Stay tuned for the 5.2 release or request a dev build now!