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Filip Norman
customize mydashboard


How can I make customizations to the my dashboard in SuperAnalyze. For instance if the customer don´t use customer service and you want to use that space for someting or just remove it.

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Customize mydashboard

Hi Filip!

We recommend you to copy the dashboard and edit the copied dashboard.

You should log into SuperOffice Analyze and copy the dashboard from the desktop "My SuperOffice Dashboard".

1. Set the desktop into edit modus (should be logged in with a user with Editor/Designer access).
2. Click + to add a new dashboard(tab).
3. Select the dashboard to copy and check the copy checkbox:



Then you should change the "URL" that is embedded into the webpanel in SuperOffice. You only need to change the dashboardid from the URL.

Click on "Show saved version" when in edit mode and then the dasbhoard will start into a new tab and you will get the dashboardid in the URL field of the browser.


Good luck.


Best regards


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Fantastic question Filip!  

Fantastic question Filip!


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Thank you Frode!

Thank you Frode!

Worked like a dream :-)

Problem after customizing the My Dashboard


I have customized My Dashboard according to the above description and saved it under a new tab in SuperOffice where all the users that do not have access to Analyze see their My Dashboard.

But there is a problem for users to log on to the dashboard. See pictures. If I make a new My Dashboard does it require an Analyze licence except for the standard My Dashboard licence for the specific user? 

This is what the user gets when he tries to login. A user with a Analyze licence sees the dashboard I created.


This is the user in Analyze 


This is where I tried to administrate the tab but there were not much to administrate


This is when I tried to change the order of the two tabs so they get the new one

What can I do to get this fixed?

Please contact me if you need any further information.

Best regards





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Issue solved through support

Hi Thomas,

I hope that you got help through our support service?

This post is two issues:

Issue 1:
In platform version 5.1.1 all solutions need a server license installed to run custom dashboards. This is a bug but you will get a free license by contacting support. This is fixed in version 5.2.0 which we are going to release before 2015!

The last image, regarding switching taborder, you have to set the desktop in edit mode before draging the tabs to change the ordering.
You enter dekstop edit mode by clicking the edit-icon to the right of the dashboard name.

Andes Retter¨ås

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