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Open a dokument from BA

I have the following URL - \\AKA-DC01\Doksenter\AKAButikkEiendomAS\VIsma Document Center\Documents\11\11-16.tif.

If i write this in the adressline in Interne explorer. I get a promp if i want to Open or Save the documet. and i can see the document.

I have a link in BA to the same URL - but there  I get an error message: HTTP Error : 404 - Not found. And a lot of text like

"the directory or file does not exists on web-server". 

Im running BA on server AKA-DC01


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Open document on file share

Hi Johnny,

The reason why experience this behaviour is because the link to the file i served by Internet Information Services (IIS) through a anchor tag.
There are two ways you can resolve this issue:

  1. If the file is available as a URL over http/https i would be the best approach.
    In this way it easier for your server to locate and serve your file:
  2. If the files are not available through a IIS path you could try to serve the file with the file:///-prefix:
    file:///\\AKA_DC01\Doksenter\AKAButikkEiendomAS\Visma Document Center\Docuements\11\11-16.tif

I hope that this post was helpful

Business Analyze AS

Open document over http

The filepath in the database is like youe describe in example 1.  http://AKA-DC01/BusinessAnalyze/Custom/Doksenter/AKAButikkEiendomAS/Visma Document Center/Documents/11/11-16.tif    - when i write this direct inn internet adressline I can open the document  When i Try inn BA I get the same Error message.

If I try example 2-   same result


open document

I can now open documents by URL.  Doesnt work with file (wonder why). 


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