4.x/5.0/5.1 - Upgrading guidelines

There are several path that could be followed for upgrading an existing Analyze PRO solution.

The safest way is to uninstall the product and reinstall the product by using the Windows Setup Installer. This is the recomended way of doing it.


But if you are only doing a minor upgrade, for example from version 4.1 to 4.1.1, you may use the procedure described below.

See the release notes on the recommended upgrade way.


1) Web-setup and file copy

Locate the "Upgrade"-folder in the CDimage.

Copy all contents in this directory to your application directory (Ex. c:\Program Files(x86)\Business Analyze\vdir) on your web server.

In 4.2.1:

Copy the folder Docs from "UpgradeTemplates\Custom" to "Custom" folder of the application.

2) Upgrade the Business Analyze database.

Go to http://YourServer/YourVdir/upgrading/configuration.aspx

If you are access the web server via Remote desktop or accessing the console directly and your vdir is called "businessanalyze" you would use http://localhost/businessanalyze/upgrading/configuration.aspx

If your server is called "web2" and the vdir is called "ba" you would use http://web2/ba/upgrading/configuration.aspx

Entering the right url will bring up the dialog shown below:



Check the "Object script" + "Initial values script" and click "Upgrade".

Legacy Reports & Scorecarding is only for older version (BASO Edition ..)

When all is ok you should get green text below the update button.


3) Make sure your web.config file is valid.

Since version 4.0 a few new settings are needed in the web.config file.

These keys need to be present in the "appSettings" section:

    <!-- New from 4.0 -->
    <add key="dc_datamart_collation" value="SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS"/>

    <!-- New from 4.11 -->
    <add key="default_layout" value="Standard" />
    <add key="fw_helpcentral" value="true" />

    <!-- New from 4.12 -->
    <add key="fw_singlesignon" value="false" /> <!-- Not new moved from top -->
    <add key="fw_formsfallback" value="true" />
    <add key="fw_externalauth" value="disabled" />
    <add key="fw_rootfolder" value="C:\Program Files (x86)\Business Analyze\vdir"/>

Changes in 4.2:

Remove the section:
<mimeMap fileExtension=".ogg" mimeType="audio/ogg"/>

<add key="ba_version" value="4.2" />

Changes in 4.2.1:

<add key="ba_version" value="4.2.1" />

Changes in 4.2.3:

Remove the key since it is not in use any more:

<add key="dc_datamart_collation" value="" />


Make sure there keys are present and have the correct setting. Thats it!