Open a dashboard by click on a button/image

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Open a dashboard by click on a button/image

How to open a new dashboard when on a dashboard element i.e. a graph or a button/image

In practice the same function as the Navigator.


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RE: Open another dashboard using buttons/link


There are multiple ways to open another dashboard using a button/link. You can use a simple link tag or create a javascript for more advanced control.

First you'll need to create the URL to the destination dashboard.

Creating the URL

1) First of all you have to create the URL to the dashboard you want to open. Start the dashboard to want to link to and open the ActionTab/parameter tab (top left corner).

2) Click the icon that look like a chain. This opens a dialog where you can create an URL. Copy this URL.


Here is a couple of examples on how to link to the destination dashboard from within another dashboard:

Create a simple button with the link tag

1) Create a new text element

2) Add this code:

<a style="background-color: #2b6481; padding:10px; color:#fff; display:inline-block;" href="<your URL>" target="new">Open dashboard</a>

This button/link will now open the dashboard in a new window/tab in your browser.




Create a javascript to open the dashboard

1) Find out what the clickable item is - image, custom button or an element container. I'll use a element container in this example, so I'll select the "Edit Element container" from the right click menu on an image placed on my dashboard. Go to the "Advanced" tab. There you'll see something like this: ##. That means that the unique name of this element is "elContainer_3". All elements on the dashboard is named "elContainer_" + a unique number.

You can also use the developer tool in Chrome or IE to easy find this id.


2) Right click anywhere and open the "Dashboard Properties" dialog.

3) In the textarea labeled "Script (JS)" you can use this code:

   $("#elContainer_3").click(function(){"<Your URL>"); });

If you allready have the $(document).ready() code, you only need the one line which actually opens the window.

You can use dblclick instead of click if you want to double click instead.



Hope these examples was helpfull and that you achieved what you wanted.


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