Where is productnames picked from on sales?

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Where is productnames picked from on sales?

This is a demo environment issue.

When preparing customer specific demos you need sometimes to change product names so it looks good.

I have updated all productnames in crm7.quoteline but in "Produkt Analys" dashboard the old names are still displayd. I tried to use System/Import/usersync and picked dQutoeline and pQuoteline and a few other but still the old productnames are displayed.

Apperetlly I am doing something wrong. :-)

What is working is changing product category/family/type as these new vales are updated.

If possible to update product names on allready created sales, how do I proceed? 

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Hi Gøran!

The product analysis dashboard use the datatable dProduct in SuperOffice Analyze.

You can read the definiton here:

Product datatable:

As you can se we use table "Product" and column "Name" from the SuperOffice Database.


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Thanks Frode!

Thanks Frode!

Updating ERPProductKey made the trick!

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