Freeze headings and change font-size of values

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Freeze headings and change font-size of values

How to change font size of the textvalue inside a diagram-element. I.e. the text/value displayed in the center of a speedometer?

How to insert a leed-text on a table-SUM-row?

How to freeze headings when scrolling tables?  

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Change font size on a gauge


Gauges and charts is SVG. There is a couple of ways to change the font size:

1) You can edit the theme you are using. To do this you must have access to the server where Business Analyze is installed. Note that changes to the theme files will be overwritten when new updates is released.

2) The easiest way, and I recommend you do this, is to use CSS directly in on the dashboard. Here is a small example:

Step 1:
- Right-click on the speedometer and select "Edit elementcontainer..."
- On the "Advanced" tab enter the CSS class name "numericBig".

Step 2:
- Right-click on any element on the dashboard and select "Edit dashboard properties...".
- On the "Advanced tab" and in the text field "Styling rules (CSS)" enter this line of code:

.numericBig .highcharts-data-labels text { font-size:3em !important; font-family:arial !important; }

- Click "Save" and the font size should change. Adjust the size to fit you need :)



The other issues you ask about is far more advanced.

Leed-text in the sum row
You can write some JavaScript code that target the specific table cell you want the text and insert it, and format it using CSS.

Freeze table heading
There is possible to add custom Javascript and CSS code to lock the heading. This has some drawbacks, so i depends a lot on how big/wide your tables are. Here is an example.

We can probably help you implement these features as a small custom project for you. Contact sale for more information :)


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