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Drill down period

Have an accounting report who shows summary so fra for example year = 2015 and period=4 (month). When i drill down i want to see all movements so far. 

I want to see movements in januar, februar,  mars and april .  (not movements further). I tried "mindre enn - eller lik" but it doesn work.


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show debug output

Hi Johnny,

I am sorry for my late respose on this issue but I need some more clarification:

Do you set drilldown filter YEAR = YEAR and period GREATER THAN OR EQUAL TO 4?

To be able to assist you more precisely, could you output the query:

1) Press F12 to open your browser dev tools, select console tab

2) Set focus (click on) the dashboard and click CTRL+D
Now the dashboard is in debug mode and all database queries are outputed in the browser console

3) Re-run your drilldown and send med the section with filtering the drilldown query in this post or the complete query to support@businessanalyze.com 

Reference the email with community node 345.



Anders Retterås/Business Analyze

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