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Date Format

We use SuperOffice Analyse in English and German, but we wish to have datetime formats always in our localle de-CH:

Our locale is de-CH

We utilise de-CH and en-GB as languages

Does analyse offer the ability to set the datetime formats per a specific localle?

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System Variable: Locale_format_override


We have a System Variable named "locale_format_override" which lets you set a different locale on formatting (other than application language).

By default this setting is set to "User locale" which means that it uses formatting according to the users application language.

You can set this variable to "German - Switzerland" to get de-CH formatting of values for example.

These system variables can be set for individal users, groups or orgunits.
You cannot set it by user language.
If you have a ba-group with english users and an other one with de-CH users, you can set the locale_format_override accordingly.

Anders Retterås
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