In this section you will find installation guidelines for various Business Analyze products and system setup

ADFS and Azure AD

Documentation for ADFS and Azure AD

CFO Dashboard - ERP

Documentation for CFO Dashboards - ERP.

Business Analyze on-premise

Documentation for the Business Analyze on-premise platform, which is needed to develope content and run any Embedded BI (OEM) solutions.
Some usefull shortcuts:



Business Analyze for SuperOffice (on-premise)

How to connect SuperOffice On-premise or OnSite to Business Analyze (SaaS)


To install or update SuperOffice Analyze on-premise, we recommend that you head over to our

SuperOffice Analyze starting point 

or go directly to these guides:

Installation and configuration guide for SuperOffice Analyze content package


For more technical information

SuperOffice Analyze Datatable reference

SuperOffice Analyze for Customer Service Datatable reference



GatAnalyse (on-premise)

Installation and configuration guide for GatAnalyse content package