Basic navigation

When you log into Business Analyze you will see your current startupdesktop to the left and tabs related to that desktop to the right of it.

The current active tab is underlined.

Click on the desktop name to get a dropdownlist of all your availible desktops.
One desktop may contain several tabs and each tab can contain an analysis dashboard, a report or an internal/external website.

Click on your name or initials on the right hand side to get a list of options.
If you are a system administrator you will have options that includes the administrative tools in Business Analyze (for more information, refer to the Administration Manual).

Create a slideshow

You can set up a slideshow that automatically transitions through each dashboard on the desktop. This is useful for presenting a range of dasbhoards on TV screens, for example in entrances, offices, or at events. 

To run a desktop as a slideshow,  click "Start Slideshow". A new windows opens and the slideshow starts to play.
You can change the refresh rate of the slideshow by adding the following to the URL:
the number equals seconds. (default is 20 seconds)

Drill down

If several levels are defined, it is possible to drill down to these by clicking on the text. Where the drilling results are displayed depends on how the dashboard is designed. The results can be displayed in the same data element, but it is also possible that another data element is auto-updated at the same time. You can also right-click on the text field for several drill options, (e.g. to open the result in a new window etc.).

If the result is displayed in the same data element (it updates itself), a shortcut menu will be displayed in the top of that element to show the level you are at. You can then click on this list to return to the start.


  • You can sort the contents of a table by clicking on the table headings, or by right-clicking on the text. If you want to sort on a second column you need to right click the column text.
  • The numbers next to the sorting icon indicate the order in which the columns are sorted.
  • The column marked 1 is the first in order of priority, followed by 2, etc.
  • You can switch off the sorting feature in a column by right-clicking on the text.
  • You can change the sorting order by right-clicking on the column text.

Browse pages

Sometimes a table, graph or a measuring instrument has more than one page. If a data element has several pages you will see a tab in the top right corner. Click on this to browse the pages.