Export and email

There are two ways to export  a dashboard or visualization

  • using Export on the right-click menu. 
  •  using the global parameter tab.

When you choose to export a new window will open up. Here you have a few options regarding the export.

  • Positioning. Here you can select what you want to export. You can choose to export the whole dashboard or a single element. You can also choose to export each visualization as a single page.
  • Number of data rows. Here you can choose to export the data you see or every page the visualization has. This option is only available when you export a single visualization.
  • Orientation. Select between landscape and portrait.
  • Paper size. Select your desired paper size.
  • Export format. Choose the format you want to export to.

After setting these settings, you can choose to print, save as a file or send directly on e-mail.

Send e-mail

  • You can enter the address or can click on the folder icon to the right, and select the individuals, groups or organisational units to whom/to which you wish to send an e-mail.
  • When you have entered the recipients, they are displayed over the text box. Click on the “X” if you wish to delete a recipient. The field is red if the e-mail address is wrong (for example: terje”businessanalyze.no)