Group and pivot

How to group data

If you click on this, a dialog box with all the columns in the data table below is displayed, and you will also be able to view under which columns the data is grouped.

You can select the columns you wish to display in the table, and the corresponding visual displays (graphs and measuring instruments). You can also drag and drop the items in the column to change their order in the table. Clicking  will refresh the list so all selected columns is moved to the top of the list.

If you select the option for the data to be grouped by values in a column, you also need to specify how the data in the other columns should be treated. You can indicate if the values should be totalled, display the highest or lowest value, the average value or the number of occurrences.

If you click on the checkbox on the top of all checkboxes, all the columns will be selected or deselected.

Columns that can be used by charts and gauges are marked with icons:


Pivot the table

You can easily pivot the table by enabling pivot in the top left of the dialog.