The desktop

Each desktop may include one or more tabs. You can attach a dashboard or an URL to a tab. Each user group may have its own desktop (Refer to section New group for how to set up groups).

When you, as a system administrator or desktop administrator, have access to a dashboard it is easy to manage the tabs and start-up parameters in the end-user interface. Open the “Dashboard Navigation” tab at the top of the screen by holding the mouse over the tab for an second. You can close the tab by clicking on the “Dashboard Navigation” tab.

You can now set the dashboard to administration mode by clicking on the icon beside the title. Several icons will now appear, and you will see that the tabs expand with a new icon, and that some of the tabs can change colour. The blue tab is active (running) and the red ones are open in Business Analyze Editor (and locked by the user currently editing the dashboard).

You can now add, change, delete and set the order of the tabs. It is also easy to edit the connected dashboard in Business Analyze Editor. As the system administrator you will also be able to save how each individual dashboard should start for the end user.