Manage desktops

Create a new desktop

Do the following to register a new dashboard:

  1. Select «desktop» in the administration menu, and then «Overview». Then click “New”.
  2. Enter a name and description.
  3. Select which style will be used (A style includes design, fonts, colours, graphics, etc.).
  4. Select one or more tabs that will be used on the desktop (each tab may include a set of windows or an individual window). Select one or more tabs from the list, and click on  to add them to the desktop. Select one or more tabs from the list on the right, and click on to delete the tabs from the desktop.
  5. Select which groups and users are to have access to the desktop. You can also select which users that will be desktop administrators (change tabs, dashboads and set start-up values). The desktop will be visible in the main menu to those who have been granted access to it. 


Changing the desktop

  1. In the administration menu, choose “Desktop” and then “Update”.
  2. Enter the entire name of the desktop (or parts thereof) and click “Search”. If you do not enter a search string, all desktops will be shown.
  3. In the list shown below the “Search” tab, click on the desktop you would like to change.
  4. Make changes: see point 4.3.1, steps 3-5.Click “Register”.


Deleting a desktop

From the desktop editing form, click “Delete” to delete the desktop from the system. 

Grant access to a desktop

You can grant access to entire groups or individuals.

If you grant access to a desktop to an entire group new users in that group will automatically get access to those desktops.
Users with the defined group as secondary groups will also have access to these desktops.

Go to System Administration:

Then Desktop.

Click Search to view all availible desktops or write the name of your desktop to filter the availible options.
You can now see how many groups or users that have been granted access to your desktop.

To edit this, click the Name of your desktop.

Scroll down to the Access section to adjust wich groups or users that should have access to the desktop.
In the examble below we are adjusting "Analyze Desktop" wich we can see from the screenshot above only 1 user have access to.
We want to grant the whole group Sales to have access aswell so we move them to the right side. (Groups with access)