Manage tabs

New tab

First enter Edit Mode with the icon above.

A new icon "New Tab" is displayed, if you click this you can choose whether you wish to create a new tab, or if you want to add one that already exists in the system.

If you choose to create a new tab, you must give it a name and a description. You can now choose a dashboard (created in Business Analyze Editor) or if the tab is to display an Internet address (URL). A URL can be also be an HTML-file uploaded to the server.

If you choose to add an existing tab, you can select the tab you wish to add to the dashboard from a list.


Changing or deleting a tab

Once you right-click on a tab, you can then either change the properties, delete or change it.


Changing the order of tabs

It is easy to change the order of the tabs on the dashboard, by clicking on the icon to the right of the tab and by dragging the tab to where you want put it. Changes are saved automatically.


Editing a Dashboard

It is easy to edit a dashboard that is connected to a tab in the Business Analyze Editor. If you right-click on the tab, you will be given the option of editing the dashboard. The dashboard will then open and be ready for editing. Note that the tab is now red. This means that you have locked the dashboard. You can now safely make changes without anyone else having access to change the dashboard. When you have finished editing the dashboard, you can either save your work via the menu in the editor, or you can right-click on the tab once more.

If other people should be able to edit the dashboard later, you must remember to unlock it. You can do this by right-clicking on the tab. Locked dashboards will remain locked to you until this is done, and until you have logged off. You can also open the dashboard in the editor and invalidate the editing from there. If the tab is already red, it is locked to another person

Refer to separate chapter about Business Analyze Editor.