Manage tabs

Add new tab

Click your initials/image on the top right corner and choose "Edit Desktop"

Click "Add new tab"


"New Tab" is the default option. if you want to add one that already exists in the system select "Add existing tab".

If you choose to create a new tab, you must give it a name and a description. You can now choose a dashboard or if the tab is to display an Internet address (URL). A URL can be also be an HTML-file uploaded to the server.

If you choose to add an existing tab, you can select the tab you wish to add to the dashboard from a list.


Edit or delete a tab

Click on your initials/image top right and go to "Edit Desktop"

Click the 3 dots for the dashboard you want to remove or edit.

NB! if the tab is locked by someone else you will not be able to edit it.


Changing the order of tabs

Hold and drag to change the order of tabs.

Editing a Dashboard

Once you have decided to make design changes on your tab you can now safely make changes without anyone else having access to change the dashboard.
Changes made are saved as long as you are editing a dashboard so you do not have to worry about loosing your work. Its automatically saved.

When you have finished editing the dashboard, you can publish your work to your colleagues with the publish button.
If you want to discard your work click cancel.

Both the publish and the cancel button will unlock the dashboard for other colleagues to edit it.