Managing dashboard start-up values

Saving a dashbord start-up

You can save start-up features for each individual dashboard. Once you have changed the parameters and selected which series to be active, click the Funnel on the top right side to the left of your image/initials, then click the circle with 3 dots and hit "Save Startup". When other users run the dashboard, it will start with the selected parameters and visualisations.

TIP! Only parameters and chart series that are active on the dashboard are saved. If you select new or change parameter options, you must click “Update” first – then save start-up.

Dashboard start-up has three levels:

  1. Dashboard default: This is set in the Business Analyze Editor and will be set for the user if no other start-up values is defined (on the tab or personal).
  2. Tab default: This is the start-up for the tab the dashboard is connected to. A dashboard can be used on several tabs and therefore have different start-up values. If start-up values is set for a tab, these will override the dashboard default values.
  3. Personal: This is personal start-up values for the logged on user. Only the user can set this and will override dashboard and tab default. Not an administrator? Read more here.

TIP! If you edit the dashboard in Business Analyze Editor, you will see all start-up values that is created. You can edit/delete these – including the for each user that have personal start-ups.

On the ActionTab you can change which start-up values to display by clicking the icons. Notice that you cannot save this option.


Dynamic parameters

Some parameters contain dynamic options e.g. information about who is logged on. If you want the dashboard to display the relevant data for the user who is logged on, you must choose these parameters as start-up parameters. These parameters (also known as Value tokens) are visible when selected in the lists.

In the picture to the right you can see that the dynamic parameter “Logged-on user” is marked. This is not always the case. The way in which such dynamic parameter options are marked in the list can vary, as it is the person who has designed the parameter list in Business Analyze DataCentral who formats the text that is to be displayed.