Manage groups

All Business Analyze users belong to a group. This makes it simpler to administer access to various parts of the system.

A group can, for example, be the name of the department, or titles such as seller, manager, etc.

All users have a primary group that first and foremost allow access to Business Analyze. At the same time one can be a member in several secondary groups. A secondary group is often used together with Alerts to send e-mail to more specific groups such as sales, marketing, management, etc.


New group

Do the following to add a new group:

  1. In the administration menu, select “Groups”.
  2. Select “New” from the menu.
  3. Enter a group name and description.
  4. Select the desktop to be used by this group. If this list is empty, a desktop must first be defined.
  5. Select users to be included in the group and click on. To remove users from the group, select the users from the list to the right and click .
  6. Click “Register” to register the group.

Note! The group you are creating is a secondary group. This means that users who belong to this group use it only as a secondary group, unless something else has been decided for the individual user.

External system refrences

Click on “External System References” if you would like to register connections this group will have to external systems.


Changing a group

  1. In the administration menu, select “Groups”
  2. Select “Update”.
  3. Enter the name of the group (or parts thereof) that you would like to change and click "Search". If you do not enter a search string, all groups will be shown.
  4. In the list shown below the “Search” tab, click on the group you would like to change.
  5. Make the changes (see point 4.2.1, steps 4-8) and click “Register”.


Deleting a group

From the group editing form, click “Delete” to delete the group from the system.

Note! If the group includes users, you will not be able to delete it before these have been removed. Remember that even if the list of group members is empty, there may still be users who have it as their primary group. You will be given a notification if this is the case on deletion. Follow the procedure to change users to change the primary group.