The User interface

End-users will be given access to forms through user/group rights in the administration interface.

On the desktop the user will have access to the forms to which the user has been given access to in the user’s default IM database (set as a system variable).

The values are saved as soon as a choice has been made in a drop-down list, check box or when the user leaves a text field.


Create rows

To create a new row, click the “Create new row” button.


Delete rows

If you wish to delete a row, the check box is marked first in the row and accompanying buttons are pressed.



Users can sort content in their form by clicking on the table headings on non-periodic columns.


Formatting in text fields

In columns that are text columns, the data will be formatted as per the validation mask that is set on the column.

If the column includes figures, these figures will be formatted with a thousands separator and a decimal point. When the user focuses on a value (clicks in the field), the formatting will be removed so that the user can enter raw data. When the value has been saved, it will be formatted again.

Text values will not be formatted.