Local web services


All Business Analyze 4 installations has a number of local web services to handle user interactions.

If there is some kind of problem with the web services used in the AnalyzePRO platform you will be presented with a message box stating that "An error occured during startup of your local web services"

This message box is presented with two scenarios represented with a message on line two and three:

  1. 500 Service Activation Exception

    The web services could not start due to some configuration error in your virtual directory.
    This error is caused by one of the below issues
    1. The web services requires one and only one autorization rule enabled at the web server (IIS).
      Please check IIS Manager for the Business Analyze application that only one Authentication method is enabled

      For Forms authentication/username login (Default installation) verify that "Basic authentication" is enabled only.
      For Windows authentication/Single Sign On verify that "Windows Authentication" is enabled only

      NOTE: For IIS6 you can experience that you still get the error message above even if you have just one Authentication method enabled. This is because the IIS still remember the old settings. Restart the WWW service to fix this.

  1. Windows 2008 Server/Windows 7 with Service Pack 1 installed can have an undesired handler enabled.
    The handler is ExtentionlessUrl and is not used in the Business Analyze application.
    Remove this handler by entering IIS Manager for the Business Analyze application and open "Handler Mappings"
    Find all occurrencies starting with ExtentionlessUrl and remove them from the list.
    ATTN: Make sure that you remove only for the Business Analyze application level and not at Web Site level!
  2. Change this setting in web.config  <serviceMetadata httpGetEnabled="false " /> The value should be false.

  3. When upgrading from version AnalyzePRO 5.2 to 5.3 the MS.Net framework version increased from 4 to 4.5.1
    If you install 5.3 on a server witho only .net fw 4.0 the installation can complete successfully but services will fail with "500 Service Activation Error"

  4. Browse the site with the designated address. 
    Example: http://businessanalyze.com/analyzepro 
    Do not use localhost.

  5. If none of the above checks fixes your 500-error, open Chrome DevTools and reload the page.
    Go into the Network tab and find the web.service request that fails.
    Rightclick this faulty request and select "Open in new tab"
    Once this url has loaded in a new tab you will see a .net fw error message which you could google or send to support@businessanalyze.com

  1. 404 Not Found

    The web service could not be found
    This error can occur if the URL to the web service is wrong or if the Handler Mapping of the WCF service is not configured properly

    The URL is most likely correct since it is built into the system so my first task would be to check the IIS Handler mappings for my virtual directory.
    The platform uses Windows Communication Foundation webservices with the extention .svc. Check the list of handler mappings to verify that there is a handler mapping for the *.svc for ms.net fw v4.0.
    If your server is a x64 server, make sure that the x64 version is present. When the server is configured properly there will be both 64 and 32 bit handler mappings for *.svc extentions.

You can add the handler mapping manually by clicking the Add Script Map and set in the values as shown below. 
Do this for both 32bit and 64 bit.


Windows 2012 server you need to enable the HTTP Activation feature in WCF Services:


Please restart application after changing any of these settings.
If you are still presented with the above message box, please contact Business Analyze Support.