User synchronization

From here you can create an automatic syncronization of users between Business Analyze and a source system.

The syncronation is depended on a data table from Analyze Datacentral. To create a new user synchronization, just choose the correct data table from the list and clikk “add”. You can now edit, delete and run the synchronization. Before your run it for the first time, you should control the settings.


Edit a user sync

Click ”Edit” on the syncronization you want to edit. A new panel with three tabs will now open up: general, settings and notifications.



Here you can see the columns from the source and which fields in Business Analyze they are connected to.

Note!  One, and only one, dimension needs to be set as unique by checking the checkbox.



Here you can select a few rules for the synchronization and what groups and/or users (primary and secondary) from the source the imported users are to be put into. I addition you can set which desktop the group shall use as primary and what licenses the users in the group are given.

Settings Description
Set inactive users in the source system inactive in Business Analyze If you have an inactive in your source dataset it will set the user inactive in Business Analyze.
Deactivate users that don't exist in the source system. This rule does not apply to System Administrators in Business Analyze All users in Business Analyze which is not in the source dataset will be deactivated except admins.
Revoke licences for inactive users in Business Analyze Remove licences for all inactive users.
  New groups are created in Business Analyze and users are added with secondar membership.
Overwrite existing default desktops User the preferred desktop set in the usersync dataset.
Update username if changed in source (When username is not unique) If you use users external references for matchin users it will update the username if not the same.
  This is a clean up function. Removes a user with all settings in Business Analyze if the user contains in the source dataset. Everything the user has added will be removed!! Be careful!



Here you can choose what notifications one or many administrators will get when the syncronizations is executed.

  • Error report is only sent if an error occurs during the synchronization.
  • Start report is sent when the synchronization starts.
  • End report is sent when the synchronization ends.


Start the synchronization

If you have activated data synchronization (cache) on the data table in Analyze Datacentral, the user synchronization will start and run automatically.

You can also start synchronization manually by clicking the link in the list.

Note! For the synchronization to run automatically the Datasync service must be installed and started. Refer to our online installation guide for help installing this service.