Export packages

Here you can create your own content packages and export them to either a file or directly to Business Analyze e-Store.

Create a new content package

To create a new content package, click “add package”. Enter a name and a description and click “save”. Then you click on the package in the list.

A list of package versions is displayed below. This list is empty if there are no versions created. 

Click on “Add package version” to create the first version of your package.  This will take you to a new page where you can add some content.

Add content to your package

Here you can add desktops, dashboards, visualizations etc to your package. The system will automatically add underlying elements tied to the one you added (such as data tables and parameters).
Let’s say you add a desktop, the system will now add everything tied to that desktop from tabs, dashboards and down to the data source used.

Note! Elements marked with an X will NOT be included in your package. The reason is that these elements belongs to another licensed package published by someone else. If you still export and publish the package, everyone installing your package must also have the depending package installed.


Data source and database scripts

If you want to run a database script before and/or after the installation of your content package, click “edit included database scipts” and write your scripts in the dialog.


System variables

If you have created your own system variables in Business Analyze, you must remember to add them to your package.


Save the version

When you have included all the elements you want to have in your package, click ”save”. 


Export a version of  your content package

If you want to export a version of your content package, select package and version in the list then click ”export” in the version list.

You can choose to export to a file or to "Online services" (which is the system we in Business Analyze use to distribute content, licenses etc).
An exportet file can be imported in another Business Analyze solution via the "Import" pages.

There are a few settings when exporting a package:

  • Version type: Is it a release or just an alpha version.
  • Supported platform: Normaly you don't need to change this. If you want your package to work on an older version, just enter the Business Analyze version number here (first two digits will normaly be enough)
  • Licenses: Who can use your package. If you select "Package license", you'll need licenses from us (Business Analyze) in order to run the dashboards.


Create a new version of  your content package

A version that are exported can no longer be edited/changed. If you want to create a new version of your package, select your package.
Now you have two choices: you can either create a copy of an existing version (“copy version”) or create one from scratch (“Add package version”).


Edit/delete a content package

Click either “edit” or “delete” in the package list. If you delete a package, all versions attacked will also be deleted.


Edit/delete a version

Select a package and click either ”edit” or ”delete” from the version list.