Business Analyze is a web application and has several timeouts which controls for how long different operations are allowed to work before they have to respond with a feedback.
Timeouts are set to prevent processes from bringing down the performance of the environment and/or the server itself.
There are three timeouts which developers may come accross:

  1. Database query execution timeout
    This timeout is unchanged from the ADO.NET default which is 30 seconds. This means that no distinct database query can run more than 30 seconds
  2. Clientside callback timeout
    Each time the user makes a request to the server a callback is fired making the client wait for a response.
    The amount of time this operation is allowed to use is set to 100seconds (1min,40secs). During this time several database queries may be executed but the whole request times out if the client has not received a response within 100 seconds from the request was sent
  3. Web.service timeout
    Business Analyze 4 has a set of web.services at the back end which responds to client requests.
    These web.services uses a webHttpBinding which has a default timeout of 10 minutes. We have not changed this default timeout so you will most likely never see this timeout occur.