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Configure graphs


Im trying to make a graph based on our QUOTE in SuperOffice that shows the amount sold every month this year, but i also want to show previous year (all month) in the same graph.

Is this possible?
I've made an illustration with my excellent drawing skills for those who didnt quite understand what im trying to achieve (or missunderstood my question beacause Im not too good in english :O) )
The red boxes (see the excellent drawing skills?) represent the previous year (in this case 2015)

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Graph configuration

I understood very well what you want to see.

If you have the SuperOffice Analyze package, you have the Sold dashboard in the Top Managemen desktop. There you have a Trend report that I think have the configuration you seek. 

The Sale Date parameter need to be set to Current and last year and you need to use two saledate columns. One grouping on month and the other one grouping on year. In the grouping dialog remember to check for Enable Pivot.

Thanks alot! I managed to get

Thanks alot! I managed to get this working with your help.


Just a quick followup

Just a quick followup question.
Im trying to change the color for the columns (Blue / Red), but i cant seem to find the correct Data set in the DataCentral.
Looks like its controlled from somewhere else? Changing the colors for anything that got a "single value" isnt any problem. Is when there is two (or more) values its seems to be controlled from other places?

Again thanks for everything :)

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Changing colors


Here you have to change color on the category column. In my example the year is defined of the Sale date2 column.

Go to the dataset and columns tab. Find the column you are using e.g Sale date2 

Click on the box behind Chart usage, in my picture it have a nice color.

Then you can add new rules for each year:

Incredible! How could i've

Incredible! How could i've missed that haha.
Thanks alot for everything, means alot!

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