Checklist for the Data Connector

Do you want to connect SuperOffice On-premise or OnSite to Business Analyze (SaaS)?
Do you want to connect other on-premise data to Business Analyze?

Use this checklist to help you get ready.


Main requirements

Server Requirements

  • Web server with Internet Information Server (IIS) exists
    • Windows Server 2012 or newer
    • .NET Framework 4.8 or newer
    • Applications must be able to access data sources
    • Dedicated IIS SSL/TLS certificate for site (i.e. or a wildcard certificate must exist or be ordered.
    • A dedicated port must be opened in the firewall to allow external communication
    • Site name (i.e must be registered in the DNS and be available for external cloud server
    • Cpu with 4 cores, 8GB Ram


  • SQL Server is available from the web server
    • Version 2012 or newer (if using SuperOffice User Sync) 
    • Other data sources or manual user registration
      • SQL server 2005 or newer


Next steps

When all requirements are met, contact so we can help you with first time purchase and implementation. 

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