Analyze PRO 5.0 Release

  • Posted on: 26 February 2014
  • By: Frode


Analyze PRO

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26 February 2014


Video & documents

Download the what's new guide from here: Analyze PRO 5.0 - What's new.

Video on youTube: Analyze PRO 5.0.




There are many improvements and new features in Analyze Pro 5.0. In this version we have focused on the visuals and the users experience to make the dashboards look nice, easier to design, more functionalty and solved a lot of feature requests.


New charts, gauges and numeric display

All our charts and gauges are new and we have also added a few new types. They look different, animate and have more interaction.

In addition to more dynamic and better looking charts and gauges, we have also improved the numeric display and added a linear gauge.

New chart types supported; smooth lines & area, and radar chart.
New chart functionality; Zoom, support for multiple axes, total values for series and stacked series, toggle series on/off in legend and set text length and angel.
Gauges support automatic scaling.



You can select a theme for your dashboard as a whole and on individual visualizations. A theme is divided in to Style and Color. Style determines how the visual element looks like – simplistic and modern or fancy and detailed. The color says what colorscheme the style is rendered in.

The idea is to make it easier for the dashboard designer to create a nice looking dashboard and it will be easier to design the dashboard you want.



Our chart engine supported dynamic series by using pivoted data. In this new version we have change the pivot engine and fully support pivot in tables and charts. It is easy to use and has several options. When you switch from table to chart and back you now see the same data.



We have introduced navigators which is dashboard controllers which navigates one or more visualizations on a dashboard

You can drag a navigator on the dashboard and connect it to an existing parameter. You can create filter buttons or grouping buttons. Theese buttons can be styled according to different themes as all other objects. They can look like buttons or checkboxes.

Navigator buttons make it easier to analyze on mobile devices and tablets.



Many people told us that selecting items from the parameterlist could be hard. Specially multiple selection lists. We have therefore rebuilt the way we do interaction with a parameter both in the action tab but also in the right click context menu on each item. You can click on text above the element to get right into the selected parameter values.


Empty Data Points

When building dashboard elements often presentation can have data point gaps. If you want to show a trend chart by months and in one month you have noe data it will not be available for presentation in the chart. By using empty data points we fill the gap. We can enable EDP in a table by using periodical list or using static or database parameter. Central settings in datacentral by each data table, and can be override on each dataelement.


Date formatting

When you wanted to use a timeperiod by grouping you needed to construct the column by writing SQL directly in the data central. Now you can select large list of predefined formatting for datetime columns. In cooperation with using EDP you can build for examples YEAR-MONTH trends period without data gap. Support from grouping dialog and navigators.



A request functionality was to group the data in a table and present it that way. This is often an wish when you want to create financial reports. We have implemented support for group sum.


Export and send e-mail

From Analyze Pro 5.0 we have change the rendering engine from serverside to client based in charts. Therefore we also have upgraded the export module to support this approach. Our send e-mail functionality has been integrated into the export dialog which means you can send all types of exported document by e-mail. 



Now it is possible to set up a whole desktop as a slideshow for big screens, computer screens, tablets and other information systems in your organisation and everyone can start them from their desktop.



Cache providers

We have implemented new providers in data central to support new data sources. The providers are implemented as what we call “cache providers” which means we can get data live or scheduled by theese providers. And by turning the data into our data cache database we support all functionality as we do with using the SQL Server Provider.


In this version we support 4 new providers; Oracle Cache provider, mySQL cache Provider, OLED DB Cache provider and ODBC Cache provider. For example by using the OLE DB cache provider you can query Excel, Access documents.

We have also some other changes and bugfixes in the product which will be fully documented by the release of the product.



We have rearranged the context-menu in runtime and editor. We have also added a new visualization changer.



User Sync

In our user sync we have made it possible to select a single user together with usergroups. You can turn off the preferred desktop for overwrite for each user. A new custom field uniqueness has bben implemented and a new domain field.



How to upgrade?

Run the windows setup installer to get a correct installation of the product.

It is only possible to upgrade with file patching while you upgrade from an 5.0 RC version.

Guidelines for upgrading av 4.x to 5.x solution see her:


The software is available from the download page.


System requirements

See update requirements for browser and server:



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