SuperOffice Analyze 7.0/7.1 (Feb 2014) - Release Announcement

  • Posted on: 26 February 2014
  • By: Frode


SuperOffice Analyze 7.0/7.1 Release

Product version:

SuperOffice Analyze: 2014-02-26
SuperOffice Analyze for Customer Service: 2014-02-26

Release date:

26 February 2014

Platform supported: Analyze Runtime & Analyze PRO version 5.0
SuperOffice version supported: SuperOffice 7.0/7.1



Activites dashboard for Top management, Sales manger and Sales person have been modified.

New datatables for  companies, projects and data production


Video & documents

What's new Analyze PRO 5.0:   Analyze PRO 5.0 features

SuperOffice UDEF module:


SuperOffice extensions

For best experience and usage of SuperOffice Analyze we recommend you to integrate the Sales & Marketing / Customer Service by using extra extensions.

In this new version we have implemented support for easy integration of user-defined fields in the Sales & Marketing client and it is easier to integrate a dashoard or a single element in the webpanels of SuperOffice.


SuperOffice User-defined Fields integration

In SuperOffice Analyze you will now get a new menu element in the system adminstration which is named SuperOffice UDEF. From this little application you can select which user-defined fields that should be available in the different datatables in SuperOffice Analyze.

There is a 2 step procedure to add user-defined fields in SuperOffice Analyze.

1. Select more-field

2. Save 


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